AMG T200- Electric Car, 2 doors, high speed
Model No.: AMG T200HL LJ-EV3(L7E)



Ref: Invest in Electric Cars -“Think Green Found”
Found request: from 100.000 Euro- 10.000.000 Euro 

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Hello, Dear Investor,

ALL MOTORS GROUP - Europe with headquarters in Denmark – Copenhagen, we propose in this opportunity to invest in the fund for production and commercialization of electric cars to the market in Europe, Middle East, South and North America.
 Our four - wheel electric vehicle is driven by battery, there is no waste gas emission, no air pollution, energy-saving, low noise, quick and convenient, and that be green environmental source of transportation in modern times. Nowadays, petroleum resource falls off gradually, oil price keep on increasing. So, investing a four-wheel electric vehicle will be your best choice.
Our City Electric Cars products match European standards ECC and COC which are our company project developed in an international joint venture. After two and half years of research and investment, our company ALL MOTORS GROUP comes to Scandinavian & Europe market with practical and attractive products AMG T-200 City Electric Car.

Since the present trend is to reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce pollution, our company is active for more than three years on the Denmark market, coming up with innovative projects. Currently our company is interested in developing projects that help to reduce pollution and high fuel consumption reduction, with various projects as Hydrogen Generators for Cars, Hydrogen Battery for Electric-vehicles, Electric Cars and Electric City Bus.

Think Green is our development program in which we attract different companies to develop together clean technologies and to solve two important thinks: to reduce the pollution at minimum and to find out the best clean technologies with maximum positive impact on our life.

First we are very interested to promote to you and you our Electric car with fellow reference:  AMG T-200 Electric Car, 2 doors, high speed Model No.: LJ-EV3 (L7E) which is pure and full electric, the high speed City Model of 85-90 Km, perfect for local City.

Our electric cars are for 2 people, ideal for use mainly in administration, or by private companies, and way not to personal use! Our electric cars have the advantage that they can easily slip the traffic of any large city, especially where congestion is extremely highElectricity consumption for E-Car is below 0.1 USD per kilometer while for a similar car but with internal combustion engine fuel consumption cost more than 0.10 USD per kilometer but entails a significant pollution.

 The cost of our electric car is at the lowest level, and this offer is valid for a standard configuration. You will find down the price and the technical car configuration. Our electrical cars quality and design you can infer from the presentation below.


ALL MOTORS GROUP offer to you unique possibility to be our Investor in a business which has a great markets in countries from Europe, Middle East, South and North America. The capital will be used for production and commercialization of electric cars to the markets in countries from Europe, Middle East, South and North America.

We come now with present investment offer example:

Gold Investor found from= 100.000 – 1.000.000 Euro

Gold Passive Investor 7% profit/year
   100.000 Euro Investment x 7%= 7.000 Euro/profit/year
1.000.000 Euro Investment x 7%= 70.000 Euro/profit/year
Gold Active Investor 10% profit/year
  100.000 Euro Investment x 10%= 10.000 Euro/profit/year
1.000.000 Euro Investment x 10%= 100.000 Euro/profit/year

Diamante Investor found from= 1.000.001 -10.000.000 Euro

Diamante Passive Investor 10% profit/year
 1.000.001 Euro Investment x 10%= 100.000 Euro/profit/year
10.000.000 Euro Investment x 10%= 1.000.000 Euro/profit/year
Diamante Active Investor 15% profit/year
1.000.001 Euro Investment x 15%= 150.000 Euro/profit/year
10.000.000 Euro Investment x 15%= 1.500.000 Euro/profit/year

NB: Fund is not limited to 10 million Euro. It is possible to invest 10 million for each country from Europe, Middle East, South and North America.

Also we are interested to find capital for our new company ALL MOTORS LEASING SYSTEM which will be open soon in Denmark, with the unique propose to support financial our customers to get access to a fast leasing solutions. Just for your information the financial leasing system will be for 1 - 5 years and that will be other great business opportunities for Investors which what to invest with us.

We accept all kind of Investors: Private Investors, Business Angels, Investment Founds, Banks or other type of Investors which are open to invest in auto industry. The risk of this business is well cover and the perspective of business is long term with a possibility of our production line capacity of 5.000-10.000 cars/month.

The potential of the Global selling is a 120.000 cars/year x10.000 Euro = Euro/ Global potential, with a potential profit of 120.000.000 Euro/year

If you or your company (fund) is interested to invest with us in Electric Cars, to support our production and commercialization to the market in Europe, Middle East, South and North America, than please contact us. Please contact us by using our Investor Form than we will write back offer you more information.

We are looking after your answer, to find out about your position about this investment offer.

Best regards,

Constantin Marius R.
CEO and General Manager of ALL MOTORS GROUP –DENMARK


AMG T200- Electric Car, 2 doors, high speed
Model No.: AMG T200HL LJ-EV3(L7E)

2 doors electric car with EEC certificate


Price: 10.000 Euro*


AMG T200- Electric Car, 2 doors, high speed
Model No.: AMG T200HL LJ-EV3(L7E) 
Fuel:  Electric
Type:  Sedan
2 doors electric car with EEC certificate
Rated Passengers:2
Max.speed: 85km/h(L7E)

Running distance: 110KM
Motor: 96 V 10kw AC motor
Battery life: recharging for 800 times
Battery type: Lead- acid gel free maintaince
*Price is for standard configuration / Price CIP valid for Copenhaga Port -Denmark
  Price without VAT

Model: AMG T200HL LJ-EV3 (L7E)Rated Passengers:2persons
Basic Parameter
BodyUniframe, metalDimension(mm)2893x1554x1512
Wheelbase(mm)1886 mmTrack Width(mm)1300/1322
Drive typeFront wheel drivingBraking systemFront Disc, Rear Drum brake
Mi.ground clearance150 mm(full loaded)Net weight 535 kg(without battery)
Max speed85km/h (L7E)Max climbing capability 30%
Min.turning diameter5mBraking distance<5 m
Running distance110kmCharging time8h
Parking brakeHand brake for real wheelSpeed controlpedal control / automatic transmission
Power Specification
Motor96 V 10 kw AC motor (for L7e category) Electric system12V DC
Charger 96 V 20 A(110V/220V input according different market)Controller96V
Battery12V*120AH*8PCS(L7E)Gel battery Battery typelead-acid maintenance battery
Weight of battery40*8=320kgsBattery liferecharging for 800 times
Convertor DC 12V
Chassis System
Suspension Systerm
Front: McPherson independent suspension.                                   Rear: Double vertical drag of non-independent
Steering systempower steering
Wheel type(front/rear)155/65R13wheel hub13''
Safety Specification
Standard: Optional: O Do not Supply: ×

Safety BeltElectronic ABSO €300
Fog Lamp Air Bag ×
Function Specification
A/C O €750CD Player CD O 95
Radio Aluminum wheel rim O € 200
Remote Control door Lock O 180

Body color(5 basic colors for option)

Packing:packed in containers and deliver to your home (Denmark)
REMARK: This price based on standard equipment and valid in 60 days
Contact Person: Constantin Marius R          Mobile:     Email Address: mariusrc@yahoo.com   Skype:mariusrc  Yahoo messenger: mariusrc



Payment: 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Payment posiblity: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Leasing, Credit Card, Pay Pal 


Packaging & Delivery 

Packaging Detail:  packed in containers and deliver to your home
Delivery Detail:  45-60 days after receipt of the 50% Deposit  


  Extra options:

Electronic ABS: 300 Euro*
A/C: 750 Euro*
CD Player: 95 Euro*
Aluminum wheel rim: 200 Euro* x 4 units
Remote Control door Lock: 180 Euro*
Led Lamps: 160 Euro*
Battery type: LiFeO4  (Lithium Battery) Extra Price: 5.500 Euro*
 Total Price for car with Lithium Battery: 15.500 Euro*
   *Price without VAT / Price CIP valid for Copenhaga Port -Denmark